2019 Security Training

Transmission Security

  • Email should only be sent or received by @myeyecenter.com email addresses; any message that contains any PHI must include the phrase 'encrypt message' at the bottom of the email to activate the encryption services provided by Prestige Computer Solutions.
  • ALL FAXES MUST HAVE A COVER SHEET.  Fax numbers should be double-checked to ensure PHI is being sent to the correct recipient.
  • Two WiFi networks are available: Eyecenter Free WiFi is for personal use by staff and patients, and EYECEN is password-protected for Eye Center business (such as laptops and tablets)

Protection from Malicious Software

  • Anti-virus software is installed and maintained on all Eye Center computers by Prestige Computer Solutions; users may not make any changes to the software, but have the option to run additional scans if desired.
  • Removable media (USB drives, etc) will be scanned when inserted into a computer.
  • Users are not permitted to download any files to their workstation without prior approval from the IT Manager; this includes screen savers, wallpapers, documents, music, programs, and all other file types.
  • Users should not open email attachments from unknown sources.
  • @myeyecenter.com email address are to be used for business purposes only.
  • Users may NOT access personal email accounts (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) from Eye Center devices.

Training and Awareness

  • New employees will receive training in HIPAA, OSHA, Security practices, and Compulink use prior to receiving their active user IDs and temporary passwords.
  • All employees will complete annual Emergency, Security, and Privacy training through The Guard and other training sessions, both in person and online.
  • Security reminders will be provided in the Eye Center employee newsletter.
  • New or updated policies will be provided to all employees within 30 days of the effective date.  Employees are responsible for logging into The Guard and attesting to the new policy/procedure within 30 days of receiving the new or updated information.
  • All employees should be aware of their responsibilities under the Eye Center Privacy and Security Policies.  You are responsible for reporting to the Security Officer when there is a reasonable belief that security policies have been violated.  THERE WILL BE NO RETALIATORY ACTION AGAINST SOMEONE WHO REPORTS A VIOLATION.

  • Employees must wear identification at all times while on duty.  You may wear a name tag or your employee identification card on a clip or lanyard.  All employees should have their employee identification card on their person at all times while on duty.