Corneal Transplants

Corneal transplants are useful for correcting vision lost to a variety of corneal diseases, from infections and swelling to scarring and keratoconus (a disease in which the cornea is abnormally curved). Human corneas are actually the most successfully transplanted tissue in the world. Donor corneas are harvested from deceased organ donors. These corneas are thoroughly tested for diseases and infections, including HIV, before being transplanted.

In corneal transplantation, the cornea is carefully removed and the donor cornea is sewn into its place. The stitches stay in place for a long time, often more than a year. Corneal transplants are more than 85% successful in restoring vision to people blinded from corneal diseases.

We are pleased to have Dr. Barry Lee, a corneal specialist from Atlanta, visit our office monthly to examine patients with corneal diseases and perform surgery in our surgery center.